Installing Fire Extinguishers in Wigan!

Spark Risk Ltd have a broad range of clients, from large nationwide chains to small independent retailers. Today, our team was happy to re-visit two of our smaller (but no less valued!) customers in Wigan.

After performing Fire Risk Assessments at a Beautician’s Salon and one at an E-Cigarette Shop, we found that our FRA’s corresponded with the Fire Service’s requirement that Fire Extinguishers be installed.

We returned to each client quickly and fitted a 2kg CO2 and a 6ltr Foam extinguisher in each premises at a cost of only £97.00, which included supply, fitting (wall mounted with bracket), all relevant identification signs and a commissioning certificate.

Both customers were extremely pleased with our thorough and rapid service, with the beautician’s receiving the full treatment and the E-cigarette shop now less likely to go up in smoke 🙂