Through an induction training course, new staff members should also have a clear understanding of what to do in the event of fire or other emergencies and how to act if the fire alarm sounds; a fire alarm test should be performed so that they know what the fire alarm sounds like as opposed to other possible alarm sounds eg. Burglar, and the location of any fire assembly points.

Whenever new members of staff join the team or company, or when employees relocate to a new department or building then the “Responsible Person” must, as early as possible, ensure that all ‘new’ members of staff, including part-time, bank or Agency staff, as well as volunteers, are made familiar with the layout of the premises and are given a guided tour around the building, in particular pointing out where the emergency exits are, where and what type of fire extinguishers are available, where the break glass call points are and how to call the Emergency Services. This should be apart of a standard induction training course.

This training can be provided by a competent person from within the organisation or we at Spark-Risk can step in and provide this for you.