The half-day fire warden marshal training is to provide delegated members of staff in low to medium risk premises (such as offices, schools, shops or markets, factories, restaurants and clubs etc.) with the skills and knowhow to take control of a situation in the event of an emergency.

We recommend that this type of training be reviewed annually with a Basic Fire Safety Awareness course in between to take account of any changes in legislation. This type of training should only be provided by a competent fire safety trainer, who has a good understanding of your policies and procedures, as well as national legislation, and should try to make the course as site-specific as possible.

This half-day course provides delegates with everything that the Basic Fire Safety Course covers, and in addition:

  • Fire Warden/Marshal Duties
  • Record keeping and liaising with the Fire & Rescue Service
  • Emergency Policy & Procedures, Plans and Evacuation Procedures
  • Human behaviour
  • Fire Risk Assessment Reviewing – spotting and reporting fire hazards
  • Site walk about looking at fire precautionary measures in place & potential risks

Duration: 4 Hours

Delegates: Ideally up to 8 people

What’s included: All fire extinguishers for practical use and certificates for all delegates

Cost: £225.00 – £275.00