Full day fire warden and marshal training is to provide delegated key members of staff & management in high risk premises (such as Hospitals, Care Homes, Science Parks, Laboratories, Secure Units, Specialist and Disabled Care Premises etc.) with the skills to take a higher level of control in emergency situations.

We recommend that this type of training be carried out annually with a basic fire safety awareness course in between to take account of any changes in legislation. This type of training should only be provided by a competent fire safety trainer, who has an in depth understanding of your working environment, the challenges you encounter on a day to day basis, your policies and procedures and any other relevant information provided by the “Responsible Person”. This course should be made as site-specific as possible to reflect the risks present in your premises. Any person attending this course should be capable of confidently delivering a basic fire safety induction.

This course provides delegates with everything that the half day Fire Warden/Marshal Course covers, and in addition:

  • Fines and prosecutions for breaches of fire safety
  • Evacuation techniques and timed simulated evacuations
  • The use and selection of suitable evacuation aids
  • Emergency Plans, and who is responsible for what
  • Fire Alarm Panel Training
  • How to conduct a thorough sweep of a building
  • Various practical scenarios – taking charge

Duration: 8 Hours

Delegates: Ideally up to 8 people

What’s included: All fire extinguishers for practical use and certificates for all delegates

Cost: £295.00 – £345.00