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Fire Safety Training Courses across Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, the North West & UK

Spark-Risk Ltd offer high quality, certified Fire Warden/Marshal Training and Fire Extinguisher Training Courses, available across all areas of Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington and throughout the UK, and come highly recommended from feedback from the many courses we have hosted at companies around the country.

Our Fire Warden/Marshal training course will give your employees all they need to be able to successfully assist in the safe evacuation of your premises and promote a good Fire Safety culture within the workplace as they will play a vital part in Fire prevention within your premises, and build confidence in dealing with situations to a safe and satisfactory conclusion. Similarly, our Fire Extinguisher training courses give the ability to your employees to safely deal with smaller incidents to prevent them escalating, acting with control, confidence and correct decision-making.

So, why should your staff be given Fire Safety Training? – What “The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005” says & what that means to you, the “Responsible Person”…

Section 21 of the RRO states that:- “The responsible person must ensure that his/her employees are provided with adequate safety training-

At the time when they are first employed; and

On their being exposed to new or increased risks because of:-

Their being transferred or given a change of responsibilities within the responsible person’s undertaking;

The introduction of new work equipment into, or a change respecting work equipment already in use within, the responsible person’s undertaking;

The introduction of new technology into the responsible person’s undertaking; or

The introduction of a new system of work into, or a change respecting a system of work already in use within, the responsible person’s undertaking.”

“The training referred to above must:-

Include suitable and sufficient instruction and training on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard himself and other relevant persons on the premises;

Be repeated periodically where appropriate;

Be adapted to take account of any new or changed risks to the safety of the employees concerned;

Be provided in a manner appropriate to the risk identified by the risk assessment; and

Take place during working hours.”

So considering all this, our training courses have been designed in mind to incorporate all these requirements and ensure your Responsible Persons leave our courses fully compliant with the RRO. Spark-Risk offer these training courses:

  • Induction Training
  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness
  • Half-Day Fire Warden/Fire Marshal Training
  • Full-Day Fire Warden/Fire Marshal Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

So… Why choose Spark-Risk Limited? What sets us apart from the rest?

A certificate (which can be accredited by the IFSM and IFE on request) will be presented to all delegates as evidence on completion of the training course.

Spark-Risk is happy to deliver Fire Warden Training on site 24/7 (no additional cost) with minimum business disruption.

Please remember that the initial actions by trained staff will always decide the outcome of any incident which may have greater consequences.

A Spark-Risk Fire Warden Training Course will empower your staff to improve the fire safety culture within your organisation.

We are happy to deliver the Fire Warden Training at your workplace or a venue near you.

Delivered by ex-Fire Service Personnel with over 20 years experience, so lots of stories to tell!

All of our training programmes include fire extinguisher demonstrations in a controlled environment. The benefits of practical fire extinguisher training cannot be underestimated as the confidence gained will produce lasting results, ranging from staff giving assistance to an arriving fire service appliance to nipping a blaze in the bud before it spreads.

Do my staff really need to do this? Can’t they just watch a training video?

Naturally, all of our courses are aimed at meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. As a result, trainees are given certificates in recognition of the skills they have gained. Spark-Risk offers a tailored approach to programmes, meaning that the course content can be focused specifically towards your business operations and needs. UK Fire Legislation requires all employers to ensure that employees are provided with adequate fire safety training. Fire safety training is a legal requirement… Spark-Risk courses will help ensure you meet this obligation by providing a comprehensive and complete range of fire safety training solutions for organisations both large and small, from the inexperienced office worker through to the experienced fire safety professional, including hands-on practical operation of both water and CO2 extinguishers.

The Fire Warden Training Course fee is exceptional value and includes a training Manual and certificate as evidence of attendance. We hold courses for a wide spectrum of business sizes and types, and we can arrange a plan with your budget in mind. Call the Spark-Risk team on 07853 216 740 or 01925 354 100 for an instant quote, personalised to your business’ requirements. See our news page to get an idea of the various courses we have held for a wide variation of companies and industries, and see that we’re the company to work for YOU.