Fire Extinguisher Training in Liverpool

Another job we had during this busy week was to revisit the Private Girl’s school in Liverpool, where we carried out a Fire Risk Assessment only last week, but this time it was to host a fire extinguisher training session for the key members of staff there, which would include the Caretaker and maintenance staff, teachers from the Science Labs and Design/Tech areas, and of course the Home Economics and Kitchen areas… well, the pupils can’t all be budding Nigella’s, who knows what could go wrong! 🙂

It is essential that, as far as the school Management team is concerned, that they ensure the premises conform to legislation, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and in this respect, that training, information and instruction must be provided to staff and employees, about fire precautions, hazards, and fire equipment in the workplace, how equipment works and how to use it effectively and safely, and their roles should a fire situation arises, or in prevention in the first place, so that the risk of fire, damage to property and danger to people from it is vastly reduced.

Spark Risk regularly carry’s out similar fire safety training to groups of employees from all manner of employment or business all across the UK, from fire extinguisher to Fire Warden training, raising awareness of fire safety and prevention issues. If you would like us to come to your premises, at your convenience, to carry out training sessions for your staff, please view our website for more information about what we offer, or CONTACT US to discuss further and make a booking with our team.