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This course provides any employee with underpinning knowledge of how fire occurs in the workplace, how it might spread and most importantly how to identify the best extinguishing media to extinguish it!

It provides practical hands on training to encourage and instil confidence in any attendee to be proficient in the use of Firefighting media.

This could make the difference between experiencing a small fire which is extinguished quickly or facing the consequences of a fully developed fire affecting personnel and also possibly causing severe damage to your building or business.

(*All courses meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2005!)

Duration: 1.5 to 2-hour course,(22 slides,1 video).

Audience – (ideally 10 students)

Aim & objectives:

Intro – Why we do Fire Extinguisher training – Duty of Employer re:

REGULATORY REFORM (fire safety) Order 2005.

What is Fire – Fire Triangle / Tetrahedron.


Principles of Combustion.    Fire Propagation.
                                                   Flammable gases.
                                                   Chain reaction.

Classification of fire              A B C D E F & explanations.

Fire Extinguisher’s               Verbal explanation of all Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blanket.
                                                 Hose reels.

Practical use of available fire appliances/equipment available:
Water, Foam, Dry powder, CO2 extinguishers & Fire blanket etc.

Method of evaluation – Question’s and answer session to cover learning objectives!

Fire Statistics!!!