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If it’s a fire extinguisher supplier you are looking for, Spark-Risk Limited have been supplying and maintaining fire extinguishers for our clients across the North West of England and the whole of the UK for years. In addition to the supply of fire extinguishers, Spark-Risk also carry out fully comprehensive fire extinguisher service and maintenance, in accordance with BS 5306-3:2003, to ensure your fire extinguishing products remain safe, compliant and fully operational.

So, what types of services do we take care of?

  • Commissioning
    Commissioning of new extinguishers must be carried out as soon as they are removed from their packaging
  • Basic service
    A basic service must be carried out at least annually. It involves checking for damage, corrosion and any discharge, either partial or complete.
  • Extended service
    An extended service must be carried out at five yearly (excluding CO2 and primary sealed powder extinguishers). It involves the discharge, checking for damage/corrosion and refill of the extinguisher.
  • Overhaul
    An overhaul service only applies to CO2 extinguishers, where the extinguisher is returned to the manufacturer for discharge testing and a valve replacement. We take care of this returns process for you.
Water 9ltr £4.50
Water mist/spray 6ltr £4.50
AFFF Foam 9ltr £4.50
AFFF Foam 6ltr £4.50
CO2 2kg £4.50
CO2 5kg £4.50
ABC Dry Powder 6kg £4.50
Wet Chemical 6ltr £4.50
Fire Blanket 1.0m x 1.0m £4.50
ID Signs 75mm x 200mm £3.99


Spark-Risk Limited offer extremely competitive rates for all types of extinguisher servicing and sale. Remember, we have no other hidden costs, and will BEAT any written maintenance quotation.
Our Servicing prices (per item), inclusive of all normal service parts.

We charge a minimal attendance fee purely to cover fuel and travel time of just £25.00 if the total job is less than £99.00.

Call us and speak to a member of our team to discuss and arrange your fire extinguisher servicing programme.