Fire Evacuation Training Manchester

Steve from Spark Risk went to visit some familiar faces last week to provide Fire Evacuation training at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, in the city’s Northern Quarter area. Steve has done lots of work for the Centre over the years such as Fire Risk Assessments and Fire extinguisher maintenance to name a few, and it’s always a pleasure for him to return, where there’s a warm welcome for him.

Today, the staff took part in a course to learn and train about Evacuation procedures in case of fire, with practical use and demonstrations of evacuation aids, in this case

The Ski Pad…

Such aids are necessary in a building such as the Buddhist Centre due to the complex layout, the number of staircases- the Centre is a five-storey building- and also for the fact that they have a lot of elderly and less mobile visitors, so obviously the lift is out of use during a fire alarm and evacuation. Steve also carried out a full evacuation of the building to test the procedures they already have in place. So, this training was an extremely useful session for the staff.

Spark-Risk carry out many forms of fire safety training, with various courses and types to suit your business needs and requirements, all around the North West and around the whole country, it’s one of our core businesses. Please CONTACT US if you would like more information, or for us to come to your premises and hold one of our various training courses with you and your staff, and it would be our pleasure to visit you very soon.